Find Net Solutions In House Admin Resource Centre

Admin Notes in Dropbox

Clients, Crypto & Our Admin Login and Account Details.

Main Dropbox – Dave Cane

Dropbox > EOBS/Family Folder/Find Net Solutions/Internet Marketing Training/Karanda Holdings PL/Kaz/Mac/

Login –
Password - A$.D@….3….5

Find Net Solutions Dropbox

Dropbox > Find Net Solutions > Admin Notes >

Login -
Password - K@...2...5

Main Files and Documents

Use of Google Drive Accounts

Find Net Solutions –

MAIN Google Account AND Workspace for emails etc

  • Used for Clients Share Files (Shared with me link)
  • Clients Help Documents
  • Admin Documents for Clients Support

Dave Cane –

  • Admin Docs for Internal Use ONLY - NOT To Share with Clients
  • Assorted Videos and Zoom Recordings

Karanda Holdings -

  • Admin Back Up

Dave Cane -

  • Family and Personal Files and Photos etc

Dave & Karen Files -

  • Company and Personal Files
  • Assets