Find Net Solutions In House Admin Resource Centre

Admin Checks

Best Done on Monday AM…

Set a Reminder…. See Check List

Best Done 1st Day of 1st Week of the Month…

Set a Reminder…. See Check List

Admin Notes in Dropbox

Clients, Crypto & Our Admin Login and Account Details.

Main Dropbox – Dave Cane

Dropbox > EOBS/Family Folder/Find Net Solutions/Internet Marketing Training/Karanda Holdings PL/Kaz/Mac/

Login –
Ask Dave for the Password or see Notepad

Main Admin Notes and some files are in Find Net Solutions folder

Microsoft OneDrive is used for Less important and Larger files
Microsoft Account for Karanda Holdings is Dave Cane info@fns see notepad for logins

Large Files and Documents in Microsoft OneDrive

Mainly for Clients' Back Ups, Videos, SEO Audits, other Find Net Solution Docs and Development Docs.

NOTE: Our Dropbox is for Clients' Main Notes and Our Main Admin Notes

Dave's Microsoft OneDrive Login -

[email protected]

Or see Microsoft Note Pad - Dropbox > Find Net Solutions > Admin Notes > Our Admin Details >

Main Files and Documents

Use of Google Drive Accounts

Find Net Solutions –

MAIN Google Account AND Workspace for emails etc

  • Used for Clients Share Files (Shared with me link)
  • Clients Help Documents
  • Admin Documents for Clients Support

Dave Cane –

  • Admin Docs for Internal Use ONLY - NOT To Share with Clients
  • Assorted Videos and Zoom Recordings

Karanda Holdings -

  • Admin Back Up
  • ADMIN How To Docs and Videos

Dave Cane -

  • Family and Personal Files and Photos etc

Dave & Karen Files -

  • Company and Personal Files
  • Company Main DataBase / SpreadSheet of Clients and Billing
  • Assets